Magic Bar Tricks

Magic Bar Tricks are very special! You'll want to do them when your not busy behind the bar. Half of these Magic Bar Tricks are free and the other have aren't. You have to understand that magic is a big business and it's in the business to sell secrets.

Some magic sites will raise their prices pretty high. The most economical tricks I've found on online is Penquin

Bottle Thru Body Trick
Mr. Magician (free)
Flash Cocktail Trick
Shotglass from Nowhere
Cocktail Monte Trick
Vanishing Glass of Liquid
Larry Anderson's Jawdroppers
Scotch & Soda
Cocktail Card Magic
Nickels to Dimes
Bottle Thru Table
Free Card Tricks
Floating Match on Card
Coin in Bottle
Giant Comedy Match
Straw Through a Card
Magic Whiz Magic Tricks