Tricks from my Book

Here are some free bar tricks that can be found in my 1st book, Miss Charming's Book of Bar Amusements. I want you to know that the most difficult part of writing this book was to chose 80 tricks from the 1000 I've collected. The publisher wanted them to be split into categories ie: Money Tricks, Glass Tricks, Bottle Tricks, etc. as well as a range of easy to hard tricks. My personal challenge was to include old standards combined with tricks most people have never seen. I think I succeeded and I hope you think so to when you look at your copy of the book. Illustrations by Ty Pollard


The Cherry Challenge
Here it is: The first bar amusement I learned, and it's a crowd pleaser. You'll need a brandy snifter, a stemless cherry (rinsed and dried), and a glass of any kind. Place the snifter upside-down over the cherry. Challenge someone to get the cherry into the glass without touching the glass or the cherry. The only thing they can touch is the snifter, and the only thing the cherry can touch is the snifter. The snifter must remain inverted at all times. (Mashing the cherry on the rim is not permitted.)
How it's done: Centrifical force, of course! (See, you should've paid more attention in physics class!) Rotate the snifter around and around in circles until the cherry spins around the inner rim. Lift the snifter off the table and all the way over to the glass; when you slow the rotation, the cherry will drop into the glass.
Hint: For dramatic effect try these: Make hurdles using bar items for the cherry to travel over; drop the cherry into a Manhatten; substitute an olive for the cherry and drop it into a Martini; or drop a cocktail onion into a Gibson (if you have good aim). TOP

A Glass Act

This is a great warm-up trick because people fiqure it out fairly easily, and that makes them feel good. Set up six glasses in a row, with liquid in the first three. The challenge is to get the glasses to alternate (empty, full, empty, full, empty, full) by moving only one glass.
How it's done: Pick up glass #2 and pour the contents into glass #5. Now the glasses alternate.

Psychic Dice
At a casino bar on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, a bartender handed me three dice and asked me to drop them in my glass of water, lift the glass over my head, count the total of the dice on the bottom, then set my glass back down. He then dipped his finger in my water, rubbed it on his forehead, and after a little concentration, announced my total. Amazingly, he was right! (But I was just concentrating on not taking a drink from my water!)
How it's done: Dice have this seven thing going on. All you have to do is add up the total of the numbers on top and subtract that number from 21 to know what the bottom total is. Totally! TOP

Light Up The Night
At a swing club called Atlantic Dance at Boardwalk, a resort in Walt Disney World, a bartender asked my friends and I who we would like to see perform at the club. We each gave him an answer, and with each answer he wrote it down on a napkin, folded it up, and dropped them in a champagne bucket. Then he asked me to reach in and take out one of the napkins and secretly show it to my friends. Dropping a little 151 Rum in the bucket, he set fire to the remaining napkins. He then announced what was on our napkin, and he was right!:
  How it's done : The first answer that is given is written on every single napkin.
Hint: Of course, you can modify it by changing categories: sports teams, colors, movie stars, etc., and you can use a shaker tin if a bucket isn't handy. Also, I don't like to use 151 Rum. For dramatics get "flash paper" at the magic store. Just a little will burst up in a bright yellow flame that you see at magic shows. TOP

Longneck MoneyMaker
Here's an example of classic bottle amusement that can be a real moneymaker. Turn an empty bottle (preferably longneck) upside down on top of any bill. The challenge is to get the bill out from underneath the bottle without knocking over the bottle. You cannot touch the bottle, and it must remain inverted at all times. Of course, if you win, the bill is yours.
How it's done:Roll up the bill until it pushes off the bottle.  
Hint: The first thing people will think of is to pull the bill quickly out from underneath the bottle. This will work on slick surfaces, unless you make sure the bill gets a little damp where it meets the bottle. The few drops of beer left in the bottle can help you out here. TOP

The Billiard Betcha
Here's one I picked up at the Barrel House in Boulder, Colorado. You can win a free beer with this one. Rack and set up the table as normal, then lay your cue stick across the width of the table. The challenge is to roll the the cue ball (that's the white one, duh) under the cue stick.
  How it's done: Pick up the cue ball and roll it under the table. The cue ball has now rolled under the stick. Enjoy your brew!